Y34SE STR Detection Kit

Brief Introduction of Y34SE STR Detection Kit

Features of Y34SE STR Detection Kit

1. 6-color fluorescent detection platform, which can carry out multiple amplification on 34 Y-STR loci simultaneously, including 27 low mutant loci (mutant rate less than 1%) and 7 rapid mutant loci (mutant rate higher than 1%).

2. Y-STR database construction, suitable for male family investigation, featuring a strong individual recognition ability. The kit contains all mainstream loci in Y-STR database (includig all the loci of Yfiler Plus and PowerPlex Y23). 

3. Y34SE contains 10 mini-STR (amplifying length under 220bp), which can acquire more information from DNA degraded samples.

4. Strong compatibility,  compatible with the direct amplification of various samples and the amplification of purified DNA.

5. Rapid amplification, the whole process is 70min theoretically.

Loci Arrangement Diagram of Y34SE STR Detection Kit 


Components and Contents of Y34SE STR Detection Kit


Reaction System of Y34SE STR Detection Kit 


Reaction System and Procedures of Y34SE STR Detection Kit 


Detection Results of Y34SE STR Detection Kit  

FTA Blood Card Sample


Blood on Filter Paper


FTA Saliva Card Sample


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